Volunteer and study at an international campus

Volunteer and study with youth from all walks of life

Live and contribute to a sustainably-minded community

PTG International Youth College

An alternative youth environment

PTG International Youth College (Ungdomshøjskolen PTG) is a private and independent boarding school for young people, based at an international campus in the country side in western Denmark. PTG is an alternative school where young people from different walks of life and nationalities can study, work and live together.

Social responsibility in focus

The school promotes social responsibility and works actively to increase cultural awareness, inclusion and tolerance. The programme also entails “Planet Protection activities” such as planting trees, garden farming, learning about nature and carrying out nature restoration projects. Some of the students at the schools come from troubled backgrounds and need social support to build a meaningful and successful future.

Students and Teachers run the school together

The school functions as a social community where everybody contributes with their strengths and positive efforts, and receives support in areas where they are lacking. The school has a strong “learning by doing” tradition, and also focuses on teaching skills. Thus, students and teachers run the school together, i.e. cooking, cleaning, maintenance work, gardening, shopping, planning programmes etc.

You can join if you are


An EU citizen between 16-30 years old

Or can get a Working Holiday Visa


Want experiences in working with people

Through organizing projects and being in the lead of creating a positive youth environment

Want to live side by side with other youth

Since our project is a boarding school where students and volunteers live side by side, and share all common areas

Have interests you want to share

Such as nature, sports, climate issues, youth work, drama, arts, music etc.

Are motivated

Get experiences, try new things and organise and participate actively in both weekly and weekend programmes

Can follow a no alcohol/no drugs policy

Our graduates work in varied positions within development work, social sector, education, management and entrepeneurship.