Social responsibility

PTG International Youth College promotes social responsibility and works actively to increase cultural awareness, inclusion and tolerance through cultural actions in the local community, as well as on study trips.

Some of the students at the schools come from troubled backgrounds and need social support to build a successful future.


Another Kind of School

The school functions as a social community where everybody contributes with their strengths and positive efforts, and receives support in areas where they are lacking.

PTG International YouthCollege at Tvind is hence another kind of school – a unique school with an extraordinary programme and good results.

Hot Air Balloon Championships

Hot Air ballooning and participating in competitions is an exciting activity that students at PTG are invited to do.
#StuffWeDo #HotAirBalloon

The World is Our Classroom

PTG has a long tradition for study trips. Learning from and working with communities in countries like Zimbabwe and Greece are valuable experiences.

Erasmus+ “Cultures United”

PTG is the host of the Erasmus+ project “Cultures United” which will take place 12 – 22 October 2018. Please contact us if you are interested in participating!