Bachelor degree programme in Social Education

Denmark is famous for its innovative approach to teaching, learning and social pedagogy in general.

Social education, also called pedagogy, is Denmark’s biggest bachelor degree programme. The programme builds on more than 130 years of developing early childhood education and Danish social pedagogy.

The bachelor degree programme includes a broad list of subjects and specialisations, including working with early childhood development, youth and adult education, disabled or elderly people or marginalised groups.

Courses include early childhood development, social education and pedagogy, learning and care taking, nature and outdoor education, culture and creativity, health and exercise, digital media and social innovation.

Entrance requirements for the
Bachelor degree programme in Social Education


1. Passed four HF subjects:

Danish A, English C, Social Science C, plus one more C level subject.

2. Other experiences, e.g. At least three months stay at a Folk High School, practical experience with social projects, volunteer work and travelling abroad.