Volunteer or study at PTG

You can join PTG through European Solidarity Corpsand and as a Scholarship students (provided by PTG). Read more about the opportunities below: 

Join through European Solidarity Corps


You can join PTG through the European Solidarity Corps portal as part of the Erasmus+ program. This programme covers travel expenses, various training programmes throughout the program, and monthly pocket money (180 euros).

In this specific program, the responsibilities vary from cleaning standards in the house, community work, participating in the internal day school, organising events and being ‘Best Buddy’ of some of the other students.

The working hours are 35h a week, but, as we live in the community, these hours are flexible.

European solidarity corps PTG project:

Join as a Scholarship student

As a scholarship student you can live, work and study at PTG, while your expenses are covered through your contributions to running the place. The individual responsibilities are decided between the group of volunteers and scholarship students, in cooperation with a coordinator.  

You have the opportunity to study in the dayschool, or maintain and finish any online studies you are enrolled or want to enrol in. 

You will receive a small salary which will cover house rent, meals and programme costs.

Private expenses like pocket money need to be covered from own funds. There is an enrolment fee of €1000 which covers administration and examination expenses.

What is PTG?

PTG International Youth College is a unique school, even by Danish standards.

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